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Arklow Chiropractor | Arklow chiropractic care | | Homeopaths, Diane Stauder & Alastair Yarrow

Beyond Chiropractic  

Dr. Peter Reade DC


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Homeopaths, Diane Stauder & Alastair Yarrow

Arklow Chiropractor | Arklow chiropractic Homeopaths, Diane Stauder & Alastair Yarrow |   |
Arklow Chiropractor | Arklow chiropractic Homeopaths, Diane Stauder & Alastair Yarrow |   |


Diane Stauder & Alastair Yarrow (Homeopaths) have been working for over 18 years in the field of Health. They have successfully been running the Arklow Natural Healing Centre  treating many different ailments from Acute to Chronic, teaching classes in Homeopathic First Aid, and Mindful Meditation , as well as lecturing in Homeopathic colleges across the country.  

“What is Homeopathy and How does it work?”

 Homeopathy is a gentle and highly effective system of medicine which uses remedies made from naturally occurring plant, animal, mineral, and other substances. These remedies stimulate the body’s natural healing ability and address the underlying cause of the disease, thereby restoring balance and alleviating symptoms. Clients are treated individually, taking into account their emotional, mental and physical states. Homeopaths then match their symptoms with that of an appropriate remedy and prescribed accordingly.

Homeopathic remedies are safe, effective, and free of side effects. They can be used alongside conventional medicines and are suitable for all ages- including pregnant or nursing women, infants, children, adults, and the elderly. They can be used for First Aid situations ( i.e. Arnica for shock) or for more chronic complaints such as hay fever and asthma. Other areas where people have benefitted from Homeopathic treatment includes: respiratory problems, digestive & urinary tract problems, arthritis, rheumatism, skin complaints, ears, nose & throat conditions,  recovery from surgery & other injuries/shocks, grief, and mental & emotional disturbances - to name a few.


We are delighted to have recently joined the clinic at “Beyond Chiropractic” -  5, Inbhear Square, Templerainey- Arklow- Co Wicklow  and can be contacted for appointments M-F  on our mobiles:

 Diane 086 3700796 or Alastair  086 6059075.

Arklow Chiropractor | Homeopaths, Diane Stauder & Alastair Yarrow. Dr. Peter Reade is a Arklow Chiropractor.

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